Business Class Internet Service to meet your daily demands in North Scottsdale, Cave Creek and the Rio Verde Foothills area!

Power Your Business

with speeds up to 25 Mbps

  • Faster
    than Satellite and DSL

  • 30 Day
    Money-Back Guarantee

  • Premium
    Support - First In Line

Business Class Coverage

Coverage Map

Business Class Pricing

  • Business Fastest $149.95


    Download Speeds

    Upload Speeds 5 Mbps

    Priority Service & Support

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  • Business Faster $119.95


    Download Speeds

    Upload Speeds 3 Mbps

    Priority Service & Support

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  • Business Fast $99.95


    Download Speeds

    Upload Speeds 1 Mbps

    Priority Service & Support

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All Services Include

Professional Installation | Static IP Available | VOIP Optimization

All download and upload speeds may vary for reasons such as customer location, websites accessed, Internet congestion and customer equipment.

Business class is first in line.

(480) 445-9151

"I would recommend Desert iNET to anyone, and I do. Now I wish my cellphone company was run by Desert iNet" - S. Allen

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