The Desert iNet Community


Started in 2004 by Jeff Hardesty and Craig Wass, funded out of their pockets to make their dream of launching an internet service provider company that would take Cave Creek by storm. Not a moment was wasted and they got started from within their garage. Desert iNet was founded when Jeff Hardesty moved into the Rio Verde Foothills and the only option for internet in the area was DSL. Even in 2004, this was not a connection that could power homes, communities in the area, or businesses. With a
strong focus on serving their neighbors and community with “the best available internet at a fair price”, Desert iNet grew through the power of word of mouth. Over the next 17 years, Desert iNET heavily re-
invested in its network and incorporated the latest technology to allow them, to offer the best speeds and reliability available. Desert iNet’s footprint continues to grow and cover the surrounding “County
Islands” and small towns, including Cave Creek, Carefree, Tonto Hills, North Scottsdale, and Northeast Phoenix.

Our elite service and commitment to the local community have resulted in Desert iNET serving more than 60% of the population in its service area. At Desert iNet, we believe that we are only as strong as our community, and as a result, we are known as the ISP where high-tech meets local. Desert iNet’s team of expert installers is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best connection and
24/7 support in Cave Creek, Arizona.

An Internet Service Provider Dedicated to Its Family

Desert iNET has continued to be a leader, investing heavily in the best and fastest fixed wireless technologies available. In 2021, we began deploying ever faster broadband speeds, including 200mbps, 300mbps, and up to 1 Gbps speeds to its customers. No longer will you struggle to keep up with the needed of your business, your favorite shows, your schoolwork, or any of the other many factors that drive your life today. Additionally, Desert iNet has installed a large number of fiber backhauls deeper into the area in order to fulfill ever-increasing capacity and speed demands. With this progression, we can continue to advance to ensure that our community will always get the best, as they deserve.


Desert iNET's headquarters are in downtown Cave Creek and are devoted to providing the best service possible to local merchants such as Harolds, Big Earls, and Local Johnny's. Desert iNET is also dedicated to offering free services to local non-profit organizations such as The Cave Creek Museum, Desert Foothills Library, The Finer Arts Gallery, and others. Desert iNET is a perfect example of a local small business excelling in offering critical services over time when others failed, and being available to
customers when they needed it through the exceptionally trying Covid-19 pandemic. Our lives do not stop, so why should your connection?


Desert iNet is where high-tech meets local and will always be dedicated to its customers as if they were its own family. For nearly 20 years, has fueled its momentum on the satisfaction of its community customers. Our driving force is only the beginning of meeting our full potential and as we grow with our community, our network will continue to grow with it. Desert iNet will continue to offer 24/7 network reliability and customer service for residential and business customers with high-class customer service and support teams to ensure that you never skip a beat in today’s busy world.

Make the switch to Desert iNet, the top internet service provider in Cave Creek. Get coverage that you can rely on at all times, as well as speeds that no one else can match. Professionally powered for your business or home. For more information on our services, contact Desert iNet today to get started!