Desert iNet has started deploying new and exciting wireless technology in our network!  This means more capacity, and the fastest cutting edge speeds in the industry are now available for our customers!

Introducing New Speeds!

Up to 1 Gbps

Video streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Hulu, Vudu and others


30 Day


than Cox, Starlink & 5G

Money-Back Guarantee

Connections 24/7

Desert iNet is now deploying its next generation wireless technology with exciting new speeds!


Next Generation Service Offerings*


500 Mbps - 1Gbps

Download Speeds
Upload Speeds 100 Mbps
Unlimited Data


300 Mbps

Download Speeds
Upload Speeds 100 Mbps
2 TB monthly data limit


200 Mbps

Download Speeds
Upload Speeds 50 Mbps
1 TB monthly data limit

All Services Include:


Basic Installation $99  |  24x7 Technical Phone Support  |  Money Back Guarantee first 30 days

All download and upload speeds are "up to" and may vary for reasons such as customer location, websites accessed, Internet congestion and customer equipment.   In certain areas, Upload Speeds are symmetrical to Download Speeds.


We do not have annual contracts, our Services are offered on a month to month basis.

*Availability is limited to areas where Desert iNET has upgraded its network.  Requires new antenna.  Click "Order Now" above to determine availability at your location, or estimated timing for network buildout in your area.

Upgrade to better internet today!

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